Wednesday, November 24, 2010

great party favour idea

This past weekend, I had the honour of making the favours for my girlfriend's baby shower. I have an incredible sweet tooth and love, love, love to eat baked goods. I thought cookies would be the perfect gift of appreciation for coming to the party, and really, who doesn't want to leave with a tasty treat in their hand? Cookies are great to use as a party favour because you can custom make them to fit the theme of any party. So, if you are looking for a unique party favour for any occasion, look no further...get your cookie cutters out!

Here's how it all went down in my kitchen.
First I prepared my sugar cookie dough. I let the dough sit overnight and then rolled it out the next day. I decided, seeing as how it was a baby shower, that cute little feet would be appropriate.
After cutting out 40 little feet, they were off to the oven. Nine minutes later, I was in heaven as I opened the oven to the sweet smell of sugar cookies. Once the cookies were baked, they made their way to the fridge to cool down before I could start the decorating process.
After the cookies had cooled, I prepared the royal icing. Remember when using royal icing, to cover your containers with a damp paper towel to ensure the icing does not dry out. I then outlined the cookies. Once all cookies were outlined, I let them sit for about 30 minutes before moving onto the next step of flooding the cookies.
Once all cookies were flooded, I had to let them sit for another 2 hours to make sure they were completely dry before moving onto the piped design I wanted to create.
I thought it would be cute if I added a little white flower to each cookie (as you can see I am not great at the little designs but I am working on it).
And there you have it, the finished product. By no means am I a professional, this was actually the first time I attempted to make cookies using royal icing. With a little practice, I think this might just become a new obsession of mine. After the cookies were completed, I packed them in a clear bag which I tied shut with cute ribbon. Let me know if the guests at your next party appreciated the unique, edible favour.
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  1. Hey Everyone,

    My comment button was not working the other day, and therefore some of you were unable to leave messages.
    I received a great comment from Natalie over at (check her out, she is an extremely talented photographer)and I thought I should share it with all of you. Thanks again Nat, I will have to try this out the next time I make these cookies :)

    Hey Shanna,

    Adorable blog!! love the name :) Good job on the cookies, one suggestion...don't let the piping line dry before doing the flood. Doing the piping line, than flooding with royal icing immediately eliminates the outline, and it makes them really smooth :)