Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the grocery store is a perfect learning tool

As a mom, I am always looking for ways to inspire Little  Miss L. to use all of her senses. I know children learn through everything they experience and that everyday activities actively engage our little ones.With that said, I sometimes have to stop and remind myself of this. As examples: when it is time to prepare dinner, it is easy to just allow Little Miss L. to watch television or to play with her toys instead of helping me prepare the food; with our busy lives, it is easy to run into the grocery store throw what we need into the cart and zip out - these are the opportunities I need to take advantage of as a parent to actively include Little Miss L. in simple everyday tasks and activities.

Yesterday we headed to our local grocery store- it truly was the highlight of Little Miss L.'s day. She loved pointing out and naming the fruits and vegetables. The grocery store is a great place to allow her to explore her senses and to be hands on. She loved smelling the fresh fruit and practiced her hand-eye coordination by putting the fruits and vegetables into the bag. I know that as Little Miss L. progresses, she will be able to handle larger tasks such as preparing a grocery list or spelling out words she sees around the store, but until then, I will remember the big smile that comes across her face as she points to an apple and says the word correctly.

So, from one parent to another, today I thought I would post this little note about how much I enjoyed slowing down and taking a minute to actively include my child in everyday tasks such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, and gardening to name just a few. There are so many products/tools out there to help promote child participation such as child-sized shopping carts for the store, and miniature gardening tools allow children to feel comfortable and are easy to operate. Everyday can be a full day of learning opportunities - so it is our duty to take advantage of  these situations because children love adult responses and feedback. I would love to hear what you and your little ones have been up to!  
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