Thursday, March 31, 2011

a must have!

I know you are probably sick of hearing me talk about colds, but frankly, I am just as sick of having one. With Little Miss L. down sick again, I watch my daughter run around with goop pouring from her nose. As a parent, you hate to sit and watch your children be uncomfortable. We all know what a challenge it can be to teach our young ones how to blow that junk out with or without our help. When our children are unable to relieve their noses and their sinuses are unable to breathe, we are setting ourselves up for infections such as rhinitis and sinusitis. That brings me to todays post- for all you parents out there, I am going to talk about a must have item for your home... the HUMAN-POWERED Nasal Aspirator.

The human-powered nasal aspirator does wonders, let me tell you, we couldn't live without it. This handy gadget was purchased when we were living in Portugal, but you can find similar products here in North America. I receive many different reactions when I tell fellow friends and family about the contraption we use on our daughter. I am not talking about the traditional nasal aspirator (like using the hand pump), I am talking about the human-powered nasal aspirator you use by placing one end of the tube in your mouth and then proceed to suction. This is great because you are in control of how much suction you apply. Many people wonder where the mucus goes, but there is not need to worry as the hygiene filter prevents transfer from the child to the user. This product is easy and safe (because you are not inserting anything into the nose) to use. Plus, it gets all of that goop out in no time flat, which is a bonus when dealing with a squirmy child. If someone asked me what is a must have gift for a new parent, I would recommend this product hands down. So, if you have a stuffed up little one, then hit the stores and purchase one of your very own. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
I have tried other products out there like the above but I find  they just don't work as well. They do not have enough suction which means the process has to be repeated leading to an unhappy child.

I also find products like these are hard to clean.

This is the winner... a human-powered nasal aspirator that lets you suck out the culprits in no time.
Little Miss L. demonstrates on her daddy.

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