Tuesday, March 22, 2011

st. patty's day continued...

I know St.Patty's Day was a few days ago, but I thought I would share with all of you how we spent the rest of our day celebrating our Irish heritage by going green. We started off our day with green eggs (check out my earlier St. Patrick's day post if you missed it) and then we headed to our local Chapters to enjoy the festivities they had planned for the little kiddies -  during the week of March Break, Chapters set-up several stations of children's activities such as colouring, lego and games.  Of course, it is a great opportunity to for the little ones to meet new friends. Our cousin joined us for the day and Little Miss L. had a blast colouring with her. While hitting up Chapters, we worked up a huge appetite, so we headed home and made some homemade pizza and milk-shakes. The rest of the afternoon was spent jumping around the house like leprechauns. To end the day, the hubby had to have a good ol' glass of green beer! All and all, it was great day and I am looking forward to celebrating it again next year.
Little Miss L. and her cousin Gloria colouring up a storm at Chapters.
Little Miss L.'s doing her side glance- this means one of two things. 1) Don't think about coming near me or 2) Wow, you really didn't just do that?
My baby loves to colour. She was so proud of her artwork she couldn't wait to give it to her daddy once he was home from work.
I was a little disappointed that I did not have more green in my wardrobe, the green socks had to do.
Lunch time- green peppers made the pizza and we loved our mint chocolate milk-shakes (they lost their green colour once we added the milk)
The hubby enjoying his green beer!
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