Tuesday, June 7, 2011

top 5 likes and dislikes of pregnancy

Likes of pregnancy

Little Bean's movement- There is nothing in the world like feeling your little one move inside you. The flutters turn into kicks and kicks that turn into squirms. The feeling you get when your little one kicks you out of nowhere to remind you they are there. I love when my hubby is able to feel the little one move, it feels like it brings everyone in this journey so much closer together.

Extra massages- I have always loved massages, and I am one lucky girl because even when I am not pregnant, the hubby still provides his fair share, but I have to say that when I am preggers, there seems to be a lot of extra massages going on. Plus, don't get me wrong, I definitely play the pregnancy card to get more in this area -I know I only have a limited time to play this card... so I take advantage.

Early months of pregnancy-  This is my favourite time of pregnancy. I love the feeling of finding out that I am going to bring another life into this world and sharing it with the hubby. For both pregnancies, we decided to wait (4 months with the first and 3 months with the second) to tell our friends and family. I love having a secret that only the hubby and I share. It gave us time to celebrate by ourselves, which I know might seem selfish, but I loved those moments.

Not having to suck in my stomach- How many are with me on this one?!?! I love love love going out to eat and not worrying if my flab is hanging over my jeans when I am done. I love not looking in the mirror and wondering if I look fat in that shirt. I love that I don't have to suck in my stomach to fit into a pair of jeans and then end up feeling horrible all day because I have to suck it in. I love that I can wear yoga pants whenever I want and not feel bad about it.

Bringing a new life into this world- There is nothing like the moment you realize that you will be bringing a new life into this world. The hubby and I have been so very blessed that we were able to conceive pretty easily with both of my pregnancies. We realize it is a privilege not shared by everyone. There is nothing like motherhood and there is nothing like knowing that this tiny individual depends solely on you.

Dislikes of pregnancy

Heartburn-  Oh, how it loves me. Both of my pregnancies have consisted of severe heartburn. I had never suffered from heartburn before being pregnant and at first I was not sure what it was. The awful burning sensation in my chest and throat day in and day out can drive a girl to drink - okay, I'm pregnant so let's say drive a girl insane. It was so bad with my first pregnancy that I had to sleep sitting up.

Bathrooms breaks-  Who likes to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, especially having to crawl out of your nice warm bed in the middle of the night? I always had a thing for public restrooms. If I had to go and I was not at home, I would hold it for hours sometimes until I knew I was in a clean place. Well, let me tell you, that went out the window when I got pregnant. When you have to go, you have to go, and it really doesn't matter where it is and whether it is clean - I know, how gross - but it is so very true.

Leg cramps- During both of my pregnancies, I have suffered with leg cramps in my calf and thighs. At times it is not a shooting pain, but rather a jumpy feeling in my leg. It constantly feels like I should be stretching out my legs. This tends to cause me serious discomfort.

Morning sickness-  Hello toilet, you are my new best friend! I must say that I was rather lucky with my first pregnancy, I never experienced morning sickness. Once in a while, I would feel nauseous in the morning when I would first wake up, but if I ate something right away, I would immediately feel better. I was hoping luck would be on my side again for pregnancy number two, but that was not the case. I suffered from vomiting for 6 long months. It wasn't just in the morning, it was all day long! Let's just say that I never want to be sick again.

Swollen ankles and feet- No one said pregnancy was all sugar plums and lollipops but hey no one ever told me about the oh-so sexy pregnancy cankles I would be sporting. These babies are scary looking and it was not fun saying good bye to all my favourite pairs of shoes.

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