Thursday, November 14, 2013

d turns 2

Alright, I know I have been slacking in the blogging department, but dealing with ear infections, eye infections and colds has been keeping this momma extremely busy. As you know, I consider my blog to be a digital diary for my children to look back on. So, I thought I better get caught up and share with you Baby D's 2nd birthday celebrations (it only happened in August... I know!)

We had a two part celebration. One afternoon we had a little pizza party at home with some of Baby D's buddies. Baby D is obsessed with cars, so it was only fitting to have a Cars-themed party. The kids had fun tattooing themselves, munching on pizza and sweets and helping Baby D open his goodies.

I can't believe how much Baby D has changed in appearance since August. He looks a lot more mature now after his haircut but I am missing those long luscious locks he once had.

Thanks again to all of D's buddies for attending and showering him with so much birthday love! Here is a look at part 1 of the celebration.
The sweets. More to come in later post about food and decor choices for D's parties.
Teddy race cars and stop lights.
Lunch time.
I think someone was loving their pizza?!?
These two crack me up - when they get together is it nothing but giggles.
Tattoo station.
Digging their tattoos and stickers.
Check it out!

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